Recherche et enseignement des techniques vocales

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Elizabeth Laurence



Mr Michel Hart is an exceptional Singing teacher; having studied with the greatest teachers in America he has rare vocal knowledge and understanding of the voice. He has helped me to regain complete vocal health, a homogeneous operatic voice and ,at the same time extended my voice into effortless heights, as well as retaining the lower register. Thanks to his simple methods, we have worked through practically all the Contemporary vocal repertoire I have already sung and added different,new repertoire too. Singing these modern works was always hard ;now they are flowing and free. I remain indebted to him for all his selfless generosity in giving me this vocal freedom. It was a very long,worthwhile struggle. There were many things I never understood before which he patiently explained and worked on,week after week. I would recommend Mr. Hart to anyone who would like to learn healthy singing. Elizabeth Laurence.