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Michel HART


Michel Hart professeur de Chant


Singer, member of the  NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing, USA)and AFPC (Association Française des Porfesseurs de Chant) And EVTA  (European Voice Teaching Association).


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He studied vocal pedagogie in USA with  Richard Miller, William Vennard et Berton Coffin.

He teaches singing since 1985. He has runned many workshop in France and Europe and has also created several operas among those  the Orfeo de Monteverdi en 2000.



Sylvie heyvaerts Professeur de Qi Gong

Sylvie Heyvaerts is married to Michel Hart.

After being a dancer during ten years,  she underwent training  on the muscle chains and has also obtained her diploma as a Qi Gong teacher.

She worked in France as a Qi Gong teacher, and as a« well being massage » teacher. She practices singing as a hobby.


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