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The singing voice is "a castle in the air"

Imagination is its architect

Nerves carry out the plans

Muscles are the laborers

The soul inhabits it

Giovanni Baptista LAMPERTI

from William Earl Brown


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"Although the art of singing can be learned only through singing, the systematic organization of  vocal technique is the most effcient route to the realization of the primary goal: production of beautiful sound."

Richard Miller
The structure of singing
Schirmer Books , 1986 . A Division of Macmillian, Inc.





The intent of Singing lessons with the CIREV is to help the student  to develop all his or hers  artistic capacities  by establishing the foundation of a healthy vocal technique.


Teaching is designed to make the singer progressively self-reliant  by providing a clear understanding of the elements of vocal production, both physiological and acoustical.




The emphasis is on :

- Flexible and tonic posture

- Natural and global breathing

- Good onset of the sound

- Clear articulation of the vowels and consonnants

- Adjustement of the vowels in relation with the pitch (Aggiustamento)

- Continuity of the vibrato on each vowel (Legato)

- Well balanced vocal tone (Chiaro-scuro)






The targeted use of the "spectrogram":

Occasional use of a voice analysis software in real time, allows to bring out the parameters of Western classical singing, as defined above (vibrato, legato, chiaro-scuro)


As visual feed back, the "spectrogram" leads the student to immediately  measure the impact of an adjustment on the sound quality. It does not replace the trained ears of  the professor and singer, but confirms it.



A bodywork specially designed for singers:

 Based on the knowledge of muscle chains, this work helps the singer to become aware of the global aspect of breathing. Thus, breathing management, freedom of articulation, and  musical phrasing, appears as being an unified act naturally connected to the artistic intention.


More informations on the site : Appoggio and muscle chains



The CIREV offers you several working opportunities :

- Intensive course  for professional singers in our country house


- Lessons in Paris


- Workshop