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The "Coup de Glotte"


The "Coup de Glotte"

Hold the body straight, quiet, upright on the two legs, removed from any point of support, open the mouth, not in the form of the oval 0, but by letting the lower jaw fall away from the upper by its own weight, the corner of the mouth drawn back slightly. This movement, which hold the lips softly pressed against the teeth, opens the mouth in the correct proportion and finds it in an agreable form. Hold the tongue relaxed and immobile (without lifting it  either by the roots or by its tip); Finally separate the base of the pillar and soften the entire throat. In this position inhale slowly and for a long time.

After you are thus prepared and when the lungs are full of air, without stiffening either the phonator or any part of the body, but calmy and easily, attack the tones very distinctly

with a light stroke of the glottis on a very clear [a] vowel.

That [a] will be taken well at the bottom of the throat in order that no obstacle may be opposed to the emission of the sound. In these conditions the tone should come out with ring and with roundness.

Vocal wisdom


Vocal wisdom

The mysterious moment when energy becomes life is beyond comprehension

The magical moment when vibration becomes tone is equally baffling

But creation takes place

Phonation happens